If “quality of life” is a key component of your home search, then the city of Vancouver has you covered, as it consistently ranks among the world’s top cities in just about every category that extolls “livability.” Check for yourself with a quick Google search of “world’s most livable cities” and you will find Vancouver, BC listed in the top rankings of just about every survey conducted on city livability.      


And what’s not to love about Vancouver’s “livability,” what with a temperate climate, strong economy, clean environment, quality school system, and smorgasbord of surrounding natural beauty and just about every outdoor recreational opportunity possible.


In short, living in Vancouver is a dream, and Vancouver homeowners have it all. And while finding a home in Vancouver may sound like a daunting experience, the city’s 30-plus neighbourhoods offer a wide range of city living styles and a wealth of housing options.


You can find heritage homes and a slower-paced residential feel in Shaughnessy, considered the geographic heart of Vancouver; or experience the full pace of city living in a condo in Yaletown and Gastown, currently the city’s trendsetters for restaurants and nightlife.  Mount Pleasant offers an eclectic urban vibe with a suburban feel, and is known for attracting first-time homebuyers, new families and artists and writers. Or, if you want to be closer to the water, and perhaps more removed from the urban core, you might want to consider Marpole, or perhaps the more affordable housing in the up and coming Sunset neighbourhood.