Selling your home can be very stressful to many people. (I try to make it at least stressful as possible) To make the whole process smoother, it helps to be prepared. The following suggestions will help you prepare your home for potential buyers. 

Create Space 
Prospective buyers are usually looking to upgrade. They have outgrown their home. Perhaps they need more bedrooms for their growing family or just find their current living space too cramped. As the seller of a home you need to show them what they want space. In order to showcase the space you have to offer, consider removing unnecessary furniture and cleaning out your closets, storage rooms or your garage. Also, keep curtains and blinds open to create an open, airy look. 

Create a blank canvas 
Once you have cleared up the clutter in your house, it is time to paint. Often, a new coat of paint goes a long way when you are showing your home. Choose a nice neutral colour such as an off white. Not only does it cover over old marks but it also freshens the place up. As well, it is often easier for prospective buyers to visualize their own decorating preferences when they have a "blank canvas" to look at. They are more likely to purchase a place that they truly view as theirs rather than somebody else's. 

Fix it Up 
Prospective buyers want to move into a house where all mechanical systems are fully functional. In order to ensure everything is working properly, you should have your mechanical systems inspected by licensed contractors. If there are minor repairs to be made they should be done at this time. You should have your furnace and air conditioner cleaned, fix any plumbing leaks and make sure all electrical outlets are in working order. Fixing minor repairs will show the buyer that the home is well maintained. Covering up minor problems warns potential buyers that you could be also hiding something a lot more serious. 

First Impressions 
The first glance prospective buyers will have of your house is from the outside. So once you're done inside, move outside and ensure that your home looks appealing from the street. Make sure the lawn is always cut, garden edges are trimmed and shrubs and trees are cut back. As well, replace broken or rusting gutters. Flowers go a long way in improving the overall look of your house. If the season is right, consider planting some pots or hanging baskets. Also, ensure that children's toys aren't strewn all over the lawn.

If you’re looking to sell in this spring market. Please don’t hesitate to contact me, I will happy to meet with you and provide a no obligation market evaluation. Or if you just want to meet for a coffee to discuss the market, I’ll be happy to do that as well.