Buying & Selling can be stressfull

Buying and selling a home can get pretty hectic. You may be focusing on moving to a new home, yet you want to keep your old home looking great so that it's ready to sell. Here are some tips for keeping your home looking great without spending a ton of time and money. 

Think Minimalist
It's easy to let clutter accumulate over the years, and if you're in the midst of a move, it can be even easier. Try to focus on keeping the clutter to a minimum. It'll keep your home looking neat and tidy, and the focus on organization will make any quick cleaning go much smoother. 

Potted Plants 
A well-kept garden or flower bed can add a lot of curb appeal, but can also be a lot of work to maintain. If you don't have that sort of time, try arranging a few potted plants on your front steps—it can make a big difference. 

Paint Your Cabinets 
You might be moving precisely because you want an upgraded kitchen. You don't have to entirely redo your existing kitchen to make it look better though. A new coat on your cabinets could do wonders in the eyes of prospective buyers. 

Shine Your Stainless Steel 
A little elbow grease can really make your stainless steel pop, especially your appliances and sinks. It's an instant upgrade for your kitchen and bathrooms.