Spruce Up Your Landscaping before Selling

 Backyards can be a secluded haven from the bustle of modern life; they are wonderful spaces for entertaining and cooking in the summer, a place for quiet meditation or simply a source of natural beauty. 

Good landscaping can also increase the resale value of a home.  Landscaping has become increasingly important in recent years. 

Money Magazine, an American publication, reported that landscaping offered a pay back of 100% or more. A study conducted by the Appraisal Institute of Canada found that landscaping offered a pay back of 45 to 49 percent. Although there are differences between the real estate markets in the two countries, Canadian homeowners are likely to experience levels close to their American counterparts. The increase in the value of landscaping in the past several years is most likely attributable to the 'cocooning' trend. People are traveling less and spending more time at home whether for work or relaxation. Landscaping to create an oasis of calm and beauty is a part of this trend and an important consideration for anyone planning to sell their home.

Landscaping can be as simple as reseeding the lawn or as complicated as installing an elaborate waterfall. If you are not sure where to start with your landscaping project, consider the following factors:
 The look of your outdoor space should compliment the architecture of your home.

If the landscaping design appeals to the average person, it will be easier to sell your home; a radical design may hinder a sale.

Local weather and amount of direct sunlight your yard receives will influence the type of plants you can grow and the amount of time you will spend outdoors.

The size and slope of a yard will influence landscaping designs.

The design you choose should be one that you and your family can enjoy for as long as you plan to own your home.