Lower Lonsdale

In Lower Lonsdale you can enjoy the best of North Vancouver’s glorious past and present. The waterfront is a place where you can see the historic shipyards bobbing with tugboats. Venture towards the east from the long public pier and you come face to face with the working ship building operations that form an integral part of the community.


Take a stroll through history and heritage


The surrounding business district is the oldest neighbourhood in North Vancouver. The charming district is full of establishments that highlight the true essence of the place. There are restaurants, pubs, cafes and a variety of specialty food shops that is a gastronome’s delight. There are also a number of shops and boutiques that capture the exceptional spirit of Lower Lonsdale.  A walk through the neighbourhood is the best way to explore the gems the place has to offer.


A neighbourhood with a lot of beauty


Lower Lonsdale is a neighbourhood with spectacular public spaces and parks. It also offers direct access to the waterfront. Some of the attractions in the area include the Jack Loucks Court and the Waterfront Park.


 Art lovers’ paradise


Recently the Presentation House Gallery has opened a spectacular new facility in the very heart of the Lower Lonsdale. This facility will exhibit some of the most sensational photographs and media art of both famous Vancouver and world-renowned artists. 

The North Vancouver Museum and Archives is another place that is sure to capture your interests if you want to immerse yourself in the history and traditions of the area. The story has been portrayed in an engaging manner that is sure to make you enjoy your visit. The museum is a great place for both residents of and visitors to Lower Lonsdale discover and connect with the true spirit of the place.


Lonsdale Quay Market


The quaint Lonsdale Quay Market Centre features a range of amazing establishments including a fresh food market. There is also a hotel and spa along with some amazing restaurants serving delicious food. This charming market place has over eighty exclusive shops offering a wide range of products and services. Whether you want to get your hands on the freshest West Coast seafood or try some delicious handmade chocolates, this is the best place to head out to. Passengers looking to travel to Vancouver, you can get the SeaBus from Lonsdale Quay


There are also a number of recreational areas for the residents of Lower Lonsdale along with beautiful walking trails, and areas for picnics and events.


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