Welcome to the vibrant heart of Metro Vancouver - the Tri-Cities! Picture-perfect and nestled amidst the stunning landscapes of the Fraser River and the awe-inspiring Coastal Mountains, the Tri-Cities are a testament to the harmonious marriage of urban sophistication and natural splendor. 

Comprising the dynamic trio of Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, and Port Moody, the Tri-Cities beckon with an irresistible allure, promising an unparalleled lifestyle experience that transcends the ordinary. Here, amidst the backdrop of diverse communities, top-tier educational institutions, and a thriving local economy, lies a treasure trove of opportunities waiting to be explored.

Whether you're a young professional in pursuit of career advancement, a growing family seeking a nurturing environment, or a retiree yearning for tranquility, the Tri-Cities stand ready to embrace you with open arms. With its vibrant culture, abundant recreational offerings, and a sense of community that knows no bounds, the Tri-Cities emerge as not just a destination, but a way of life. So, come embark on a journey of discovery and let the Tri-Cities unveil a world of endless possibilities tailored just for you.


As the largest city in the Tri-Cities, Coquitlam boasts a dynamic urban landscape surrounded by lush greenery and stunning parks. Home to the renowned Coquitlam Centre, residents enjoy convenient access to an array of shopping, dining, and entertainment options. With an extensive network of trails, parks, and recreational facilities, outdoor enthusiasts can explore the beauty of nature right at their doorstep. From the charming neighboUrhoods of Westwood Plateau to the vibrant cultural scene in Maillardville, Coquitlam embodies the perfect blend of city living and suburban tranquility.


Perched on the shores of the Burrard Inlet, Port Moody captivates residents with its breathtaking waterfront views, historic charm, and vibrant arts scene. Known as the "City of the Arts," Port Moody boasts a thriving cultural community enriched by galleries, studios, and annual festivals. Explore the quaint shops and restaurants of Newport Village, embark on outdoor adventures in Rocky Point Park, or simply unwind along the scenic shoreline. With a mix of heritage homes, waterfront condos, and modern townhouses, Port Moody offers a diverse range of housing options for homebuyers seeking a tranquil retreat within reach of urban amenities.


Nestled along the banks of the Pitt River, Port Coquitlam exudes small-town charm with its tree-lined streets, cozy cafes, and welcoming community spirit. Boasting a rich heritage and a strong sense of community, Port Coquitlam offers a relaxed pace of life while providing easy access to urban amenities. Explore the charming downtown area, stroll along the scenic Traboulay Poco Trail, or enjoy a family picnic in one of the many picturesque parks. With a diverse housing market ranging from heritage homes to modern developments, Port Coquitlam invites homebuyers to discover the joys of suburban living.


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Tri-Cities boast an unbeatable location, fostering a strong sense of community amidst their breathtaking natural landscape. From cozy condos nestled in downtown's heart to spacious family homes in tranquil suburbs, and even waterfront retreats with panoramic views, the Tri-Cities offer a diverse array of housing options to suit every lifestyle. With their unparalleled beauty, rich history, and excellent amenities and services, the Tri-Cities seamlessly blend urban convenience with natural allure. So why wait? Come explore this dynamic region and discover your dream home amidst the Tri-Cities' extraordinary living experience.