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The start of the year is a great time to review your finances.

Posted on Jan 07, 2015 in Fun Stuff

As 2015 starts—hopefully with a bang—it is an ideal time to take a look at all of your bills. As the past year cruised by you may have added cell phone plans, changed cable and internet subscriptions, and signed up for trial offers (which automatically turned into pay subscriptions).

It is a good habit to look at your bills and inspect them for ways...

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Poinsettia Passion... The care and keeping of a Holiday Favourite.

Posted on Dec 03, 2014 in Fun Stuff

In addition to the familiar crimson colour, poinsettias come in more than 100 varieties, including pink, white, variegated and salmon. Native to Mexico and Central America, they were first introduced to North America in the 1800s by Joel Poinsett, a U.S. Ambassador to Mexico.

Tips for a Healthy Plant:Poinsettias like their space! 

When purchasing, loo...

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Five ideas for fall decorating

Posted on Sep 03, 2014 in Fun Stuff

Fall has arrived, and with the changing of the season, why not bring some fall atmosphere into your own home? Here are five ideas for giving your home a fall feel.

1. Fun with foliage: One of the unmistakable signs of fall is the changing—and eventually, falling—leaves. Pick up some faux silk leaves from your local craft store and use them to accent...

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Five ideas for repurposing unused items

Posted on Aug 05, 2014 in Fun Stuff

You undoubtedly have some items in your home that you’d like to get rid of or you’re having trouble finding a use for. Rather than throwing them out, consider repurposing them. Here are a few ideas for inspiration:

1. Turn an old dresser into a kitchen island: Do you have a beat-up old dresser that’s currently an eyesore? Dress it up with some brigh...

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Five tips for a great backyard

Posted on Jul 07, 2014 in Fun Stuff

Summer is here, so entertaining has made the move from the living room to the backyard. It’s the season for barbecues and campouts. Here are five ways to make sure your back yard is everyone’s favourite.

1. Make sure there’s a place to cook! The way to your guests’ hearts is through their stomachs. You could have something as simple as a charcoal gr...

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